Friday, January 12, 2007

Pride Cometh Before A Fall... and all that jazz

I have had it in my mind to write a long soul searching post about the meaning of life, love and all the other shit that we spend our short time worrying about. Time keeps getting in the way. I will go back to that later, if only for my sake. It's something I need to get of my chest.


I've had an odd week. Work is beginning to pile up on me at the moment, and I'm spending far too much time procrastinating. Those who know the Shroom will not be surprised. It's quite nice to think that your bosses trust you enough to give you work, but very difficult to refuse. My various assignments are by no means un-do-able... but I'll have to change my lazy-ass ways.

Had a few beers with an old friend recently. This was nice, because he was once one of the Shroom's best friends, but I had a silly falling out with him a while back, and soured the friendship, a lot. We can never go back, and I'm not sure he was ever as much of a friend as I thought - and I guess you could argue that I wasn't much of a friend to him - but it's still good to be hanging out with him again. We had an interesting chat about vanity. But more of that later too, I think.

Interesting radiograph of the moment:

Look closely... It would humour me if a few of you didn't see it right away, either...

The poor fella above came in having had a fit, complaining of painful shoulders. I know. It's textbook. But we hadn't cut his shirt off; AND they weren't tender; AND his pain was actually worse in his elbows... but I missed it, plain and simple.

When I finally did spot his bilaterally dislocated shoulders, he and his family were quite reasonable, considering I should have seen it 2 hours previously. I guess they were just happy to have a diagnosis (for the arm pain, anyway) and a treatment plan. He's doing well, by the way.

This evening has mostly been occupied by a nasty motor cycle accident.

I'm afraid he's due for a painful few months. His arrival really set the tone for the shift. The weather has been super shite, all day; I was unpleasantly surprised to discover the storm forcing its way in through the vent in my bathroom. It isn't everyone who wakes up to a raincloud in their shower. The weather seems to have kept most people at home during the day (when I was also at home, asleep). But it improved a little by the time I came on shift. Improved enough for them all to stream forth and slip on stuff, breaking other stuff.

I'm hoping the rest of the night will be quiet. I'm off to London and Oxford this weekend, for a Stag weekend (providing the storms haven't fatally damaged my house.) Reports to follow on Monday.

As for other minutiae of Shroom's life: I've weaned myself off nicotine, so far without going completely bananas. I am snappier than usual. I'm up to season 6 in my epic ER-a-thon.

I'm starting to become obsessed with who's reading this, and how many times. I have found myself checking blogrolls, and linkmeters. I do not think this is healthy. I am going to try and stop. I will limit myself to a simple counter ( I can give up, any time I wanna, honest...) For you who do read me, thanks. I started this to vent my spleen and as a cathartic; to try and ease my histrionic soul. I did not do it to be famous and or popular. If my ranting is to your taste, please fell free to spread the word of Shroom. But please help me not to get obsessive or big headed.


Anonymous said...

ha! I obsessively check the map of where people who read my blog live. It can be addictive. But I'm just learning how to use this thing.
As for ER, it's shown here on tv and they started from the first episode about a month ago and they run until they get to the most recent episode and then start over again. I'm waiting for them to start over. Until then, I refuse to watch anymore ER. It's killlllling me.

scalpel said...

I'm jealous of your nicotine success. Good work!

Bohemian Road Nurse... said...

I love your blog. You're probably having mood swings from the nicotine withdrawal---just hang in there, it'll settle down. I don't watch ER or such shows--too many bad memories of my ER burn-out. (I will NEVER go back...I will NEVER go back...)

ibear said...

How did you quit smoking? and could you tell me how you did it? What is the percent of er docs that smoke compared to other docs I wonder

DrShroom said...

to ibear. I gave it up with heavy amounts of nicotine replacement therapy, and a slow wean programme... I'm still a smoker at heart tho

Dr Dork said...

Beware the dark allure of the site statistics...

It is fascinating to observe the strange, exotic locales where the odd reader is esconced. But addictive.

Well done with kicking (the) butt(s).