Thursday, January 25, 2007

Monkeys for Everyone (Mainland Europe only. Some restrictions apply)

I spotted this in the London Times yeaterday. The Government has set up a web page, enabling any Tom, Dick or Harry with internet access to send them an 'e-petition'. This has great scope for mischoief, and the British public has not disappointed.
A petition to equip disabled people with helper monkeys, seems well within the grand tradition of tomfoolery, or gentle mocking of authority. What the Times, and indeed I, find more interesting is the Government's response.

For those among you who can't be arsed, the most salient point seems to me to be:

While we are aware of similar initiatives already in existence, the Government does not currently have any plans to make monkeys available to people with disabilities

Aware of similar initiatives..? Anyone know? Are the French giving out helper monkeys? The Spanish?

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Patient Anonymous said...

We have some kind of "exotic animal" law-thingy-something-or-other (sorry not feeling so erudite at the moment) here that says "No Monkeys Allowed!"--unless it's for a zoo. Or maybe a lab. I'm assuming that would include "helper monkeys" as well. Too bad! PA has a thing for primates. Loves, loves, loves them! I want a monkey!

I think things might be mandated on a State by State basis in the US? I currently don't know if there are any "movements" going on though to try and get the monkeys off the typewriters and into the laps of persons with disabilities.

Apologies, weak attempt at humour.