Saturday, December 09, 2006

Off the record, on the QT and VERY hush-hush

The joy of nights...
I hate working weekend nights. Although I actually quite enjoy nights, weekends suck balls - they're busier, and you work in the knowledge that all your friends are out having more fun than you are. Anyway, rather ironically, last night was relatively trauma heavy. Assault with major head injury, and some bloke who fell 20 feet off a balcony. Rather bizarrely, he had his valuables stuffed in his socks (pack of smokes, and a door key). I wasn't really in the mood last night. This seems like a terrible thing to say, and I think it looks worse written down; but every now and again, I have an off day... last night was one, but I feel recharged tonight, so hope to acquit myself a bit better.

Had several beers with one of my bosses while on this course, which led to some very interesting topics of conversation. It's amazing what can be happening right in front of you, but in the background. Or maybe it's just me being dense. Anyway, my lips are sealed... for now.

Lastly, having only recently obtained the Stones' masterpiece that is 'Let it Bleed', I was surprised to hear 'Country Honk' - isn't this exactly the same song as Honky Tonk Woman? Is this the point? Have I missed something? Or did they really release the same song twice?
Enquiring minds want to know

Also while away in sunny Brighton, I had the opportunity to indulge my love of Thai food. The restaurant I ate in was very nice, but completely empty. This wasn't all that surprising, given it was on the seafront, and blowing a gale. However, the staff seemed particularly amused to have a solitary customer; or maybe something was stuck to my face... whatever the reason, they seemed unable to come near me without giggling furiously. I found the whole thing vaguely surreal, and offputting.

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