Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bad news travels quickly

Odd day today. My first day shift for a while, which is nice. You get to inherit a fresh department, full, of optimism and hope. For a few minutes anyway. Then the day comes a knocking... or whatever.

Actually it was pretty quiet. My bosses were appraising another of the registrars, so I had to cover clinic; I'm not a big fan, but it was a small clinic, so not too bad. Interestingly, one of the cases was a patient I had apparently consulted on (according to the notes), with a locked knee. This is not the sort of thing I would usually send home... but there it was in black and white. (well, black and green actually. Our Paeds paper is a funny colour, but you get the gist.) I bounced her to ortho... but it goes to show how your brain stops functioning when you're tired. I was asked about this case late on Thursday night when I'd been up all day. I had to find the SHO who saw the patient, and apologise for handing out bad advice. Need to concentrate a bit harder, I guess.

The day began with one of the Nurses telling us all about her problem trousers. Apparently, since she returned from a year travelling her scrub trousers don't fit her. Much tears, and gnashing of teeth. She has one pair of baggy ones that do fit, but she split those. So now she has the denial trousers... and we were all on split watch. I quite enjoy the sense of family in an ED that allows her to feel comfortable sharing that with the whole team.

Then, a couple of kiddies. One with Brugada syndrome, another hypo from gastroenteritis, and a little one who kept turning blue... go figure. They're all doing fine; and that was more or less it. The big plus was finishing early. A real rarity these days, so always worth taking advantage.

Lastly, I phoned my buddy, who had his assessment today. Rather grimly, it didn't go well. He didn't go into much detail, but it sounds like the bosses had the knives out for him - although not regarding his clinical abilities. I don't think he was expecting it, so he's a bit pissed off. I'm not sure my phoning will have helped. I hope he doesn't think I was phoning to 'gloat'. (We had something of a childish bust up a while back, and aren't quite such good friends anymore...)
Personally, I find this quite odd. I've always thought of this fella as a really personable guy; he's very hard NOT to like.

Or so I thought. I guess we all have two sides to us, eh?

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A Bohemian Road Nurse said...

I sympathize with the person whose scrub pants are too small. I have been screaming at the cosmos lately-- that eternal question that females frequently scream at the cosmos: "Why is it so difficult for women to lose weight, but if a man skips one meal he loses 10 lbs?"