Monday, December 04, 2006

An announcement

Just a quickie, so to speak
It seems a few people out there are actually reading this. With minimal false modesty, that's nice to know, but also a little surprising, as I assumed this would get lost in the static... anyway, thanks for those who read and take time to add commentary. It makes this a little more interactive for me.
I also feel I should apologise. I started out intent on passing razor sharp commentary on the state of the Health Service today, backed with witty, and fascinating anecdotes, based on my clinical experience. Instead, I seem to end up mostly ranting, in a barely articulate form. This seems like false advertising, so sorry... but thanks for tuning in anyway.

I'm heading off for a few days on a course - as a student this time, not an instructor. I've spent the last God knows how long banging on about how easy these courses are, so expect tales of me falling flat on my arse.

'Till the next time


sisyphus said...

Ranting is fine with me. I don't blame you in the slightest.

A Bohemian Road Nurse said...

Hey, ranting is good for the soul. I'm a firm believer that ranting prevents one from "Going Postal". (Or "Going Medical" or "Going Nursical", or whatever....) (And since I'm a Road Nurse, it prevents me from having Road Nurse Rage....get it? Heh!)

Anonymous said...

Rant away...I agree with the's "fine with me," and "good for the soul." And you're funny.