Tuesday, December 26, 2006

GoKart Mozart and the Backyard Bombadier

I have returned, peering bleary eyed from my temporary hibernation. Once again, I had intended to have a stockpile of interesting, amusing stories with which to regale you. Due to a combination of my poor memory, and not that much happening, I have failed.

This Christmas really was a rush. I only had four days off, which to be fair is more than some, and there are always loads of people to see. I guess I managed to see about half my friends, and most of the family. There was frankly no way I was going to be able to see everyone. It's a bit frustrating really. I find increasingly Christmas is a celebration for those not gainfully employed - kids and the retired - who have time to see everyone. I guess there are a lot of people who end up alone, so I shouldn't grumble, really.

Still, one of my old friends and I had an epiphany, brought on by excessive booze, about how many types of women there are, and how many there should be.

We're both still single.

(FYI, we think there should only be two, but actually there are three. Not that we were generalising or anything...)

Christmas Day was with the family, which was nice, because, other than my folks, I see them less than I see my friends. They all seem to be hale and hearty, and much cheer was shared among us. Along with healthy doses of egg nog.

And so back to work. Another day, another night shift. It really is q***t as the grave. I guess it may yet hot up. We'll see.

I hope to have more to report in time, but for now I'll close. Hoping you all had a grand Christmas, and the New Year brings much joy

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sisyphus said...

Ah now, as a woman, I found there were three types of men, certainly. I bet they fell into exactly the same categories as the women did for you!
I got married, which is why it's all in the past tense, but did some pretty exhaustive research before that. I think I changed from one category to another, and am probably now in the third category for all but a few, ha ha! Unless I make more effort than I can be arsed to, anyway. (Too much info there.)
If that's really you in the picture, I can't imagine why on earth you have such problems. You appear to fit easily into the two good categories, to an old married lady, anyway.
Best of luck for 2007 in that regard, anyway, or even before 2007.