Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Not The Falling That Hurts...

It's the landing.


Apologies, dear readers, all 40 or so of you. I have fallen off the wagon of late, slipped the traices. Got lazy. Been betrayed by technology.

Got behind.

My continued mission to moan about feeling unwell culminated in me failing at all my tasks this month. I have run very little, if at all; I have succumbed to the evil tobacco weed, and I have gotten behind with this monstrosity.

In my defence, I have been feeling increasingly unwell, a fact I am blaming on my anti-retroviral meds, which seem to produce a constant background of feeling shit; a sort of physiological equivalent of drizzle; I had lined some posts up for delayed publication, but that seems to have failed.

But it's time to get back up again.

Back up, stub out the butt, jog on and then write about it.

Good luck everyone.


Grumpy Biomed said...

Chin up and good luck :)

Jeannette said...

Apologies for not previously reading up on the circumstances of events that led to you being on anti-retroviral meds, but it appears that this is due to an accidental needle stick?

Hang in there and take care ...

DrShroom said...

Deliberate biting and blood splash, I'm afraid

Jeannette said...

Bollocks. What CAN you do when you do not know if your next patient is a vampire?