Thursday, February 04, 2010


La Belle Fille has made the jump to the iPhone. (Other phones are available) As with all new tech, there were a few teething problems.

So, shortly after she signed up for it, and whipped it out of it's box, I received a phone call. This one consisted of a few plaintive "hello"s by both parties, and her hanging up. Another call followed, which she hung up as soon as I answered. Then another, which consisted of LBF simply uttering the word: 'bollocks'.

After a few more abortive efforts, it became apparent that she was struggling with the volume controls.

A text followed, asking me to call her, to check that her phone was working. This call passed off without incident, barring much laughter in the background at her end.

The cause: having taken the phone back, and proclaimed it defunct, the phone guy had taken it from her, examined it and then removed the plastic 'screen protector' see-thru label that had been neatly, invisibly obscuring the earpiece of her new, shiny piece of tech.

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Nathan said...

brilliant! I do nope LBF wasn't too embarrassed