Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Taking Ones Eye Off The Ball

The targets we must labour under continue to insert themselves into out minds, insidiously, until we think they've always been there.

Where I currently work, there seems to be a strangely blase attitude to some of the stuff that comes in on the BatPhone, and I can't help but wonder if that's because we know they've got 'plenty of time'. Of course, they might die during that time, but, hey, at least they won't breach.

Maybe I'm wrong, and, of course, this is not the party line, but I keep finding patients in Resus, with no Doctor. Most recently was a fella found by his flat mate, unconscious. He was still unrousable on arrival at the ED, and went almost an hour before being formally assessed by a Doc. He ended up tubed and on ITU.

Now, maybe that's just me; no-one else seemed overly bothered, but I can't help but feel dudes in a coma ought to jump the queue...

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