Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sudden And Unexpected.

It's amazing how much better I feel having finished my exams. Conscious of the stress as I was, I'm still surprised to see how much better I feel, with them over. Of course, now I have to wait 3 weeks before learning of my fate,and possibly starting all over again.

Ah, well...

LBF has had to endure more than her fair share of deprivation, and I hope that now, we can spend more time making mischief. Although, of course, my rota may well continue to get in the way. She has been somewhat under the weather of late, but, having undergone emergent needling treatment, and something to do with balls in ears, is feeling more like her old self. Which, in case there was doubt, is witty and funny. (Almost always)

Anyway; the ED is often witness to the unexpected; as it should be, really. Almost by definition, emergencies ARE unexpected. Of courser, that's not always what brings folks to the ED, but there you go...

A young woman spent her evening getting drunk; I'm assuming that's what she did. To be fair, she might have been up to almost anything, but at the end of the day she was virtually insensible. An all too common problem reared its head - she ran out of, or could not find any, money. Her taxi driver called the Police, and they tried to intervene with her family, but they were unwelcoming. How many times must the have heard this call before? For they would not answer the call. Why?

We'll never know.

The Police had subsequently arranged for her to stop overnight in an Hostel, but by the time she reached it, she had grown cold and still. I suspect she choked on her own vomit, en route, but again, we'll never know.

Almost an hour of aggressive resuscitation did nothing to improve her countenance, nor restore her cardiac output.

To see the death of the young is always sad, and to see one that could so easily have been avoided, more so.

Maybe it's true, we pays our money, and we takes our choices, and the Devil take the hindmost.

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