Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Supergroup - Guitars

Currently, mulling over Hendrix, Clapton, Mick Taylor and Chuck Berry...

I think there are simply too many legendary guitar players out there.

Mick Taylor on show from about 2:50


No One said...

That Hendrix clip reminds me of the queen + Paul tour before last

Coming back on as the encore Brian May starts into that Cream classic, and Roger immediately follows on drums

The funniest thing was the faces of jamie/spike/danny as they hadn't got a clue that was going to happen (and it showed) and they did their best to go with it

Went on for a while but became clear Paul didn't know the words so they ended up stopping

But so funny, a genuinely funny thing to see how the band reacted to Brian and Roger going off on a total tangent, some tangents work but when the singer dont know the words...

wonder if there is a clip on youtube somewhere of it

Still a shame john wasn't there :)

No One said...

meant to say that was the newcastle night, i think bm had been to see cream play the albert hall the night before