Thursday, October 01, 2009


Day off, so no on the floor navel gazing.

Instead: a blog that may be interesting reading. I'd like to pretend I'm getting in on the ground floor of my own accord, but it was flagged by the incomparable Lisa Lynch, she of Alright Tit fame.
It's, I guess, a dating diary of an expat Brit... I'm thinking it'll make for interesting reading; we'll see.

Also for your consideration - things that have made me smile today:

1. A man walking his dog. Not obviously smile worthy, but the man seemed a little too old for the dog, which was a sort of terrier puppy, and furiously energetic in the way only the children of all species can be. The dog was an extendable lead, and just belting around the man, aimlessly running at full tilt in ever-expanding circles. I realise it's wrong to try and anthropomorphasise animals, but the dog really did seem to have an expression of pure joy. It must be nice to derive such pleasure from something so simple.

2. Two people reversing toward each other in a supermarket car park. I've seen this several times, and I don't know why people find it so difficult, or why it please me so much, but it does. The sheer bloody mindedness of these folks delights me. Both drivers appear to be aware that, if they continue going backward, they will crash into each other, but both appear to think it the duty of the other driver to stop. A low speed crash inevitably results, and I can't help but think they deserve it. I'm not sure what this says about me.

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