Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Parking Spaces

LBF is often enquiring after her character. I'm not sure she'll thank me for this...

Part of exciting lives dictates that we occasionally go to the Supermarket. On our last visit, we were confronted by a Pay-and-Display car park. Having no change, we elected to fight the power, defy the man and park without paying. Ever fearful of parking Nazis, I stayed with the car, while LBF shopped. (Yes, that might be the 1950s calling)

On returning, arms laden with produce, LBF pressed a 50p coin into my palm, not in an attempt to press gang me, but for the Pay-and-Display machine. She looked pleased with herself, I puzzled.

She later explained she thought we had to buy a ticket, in case someone came round to check...

(She doesn't drive a car)

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