Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Black Dog

Apologies for the silence; exams pending have had me all distracted. Game on tomorrow, and I'm decompensating a little bit. I'm sure my ability to deal wit this shit gets less with every passing year.

Anyway, I'm not sleeping, and generally of low mood, and this reflects in my work, which, I guess makes me a bad professional.

We'll see, I guess.

The patient so keen to declare her love for bum sex survived her 4 metre fall, and seems none the worse for her frontal contusions.

Must stop now before I become bogged doen with navel-gazing; the Black Dog looms large on my horizon.

More later; I'm on nights this weekend, which will surely be a fertile hunting ground.


wait said...

Less Stress. Drink Water. : )
Have nice Weekend!

Degenerative Arthritis said...

I rarely post, but I wanted to say thanks for sharing this information.

Anonymous said...

Chin up. And remember - the patient is the one with the disease.

Hard to remember sometimes I know.