Monday, May 31, 2010

Candle In The Dark

Someone died.

This should come as no surprise, I guess. It happens every day. I see more than my fair share of it, I would cautiously suggest.

I got a phone call on Saturday, bearing the unwelcome news. I had an idea something wasn't right, social networking sites being what they are, but the call filled in the blanks.

I've made these calls, and received them, and I still don't know which is worse.

To say this was someone I know, is stretching the point. We were aware of each other, but the most interaction I think we had was a disagreement about the NHS, and some slightly unkind things were said about my bedside manner.

But he was very dear to people who are dear to me.

Can I say that I feel their pain?

Not as deeply, surely; it cannot cut as deep, cannot burn with such cruel heat.

But I know that the sun seems to shine a little less brightly today, that the curtain seems to have been pulled a bit further across the light.

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