Monday, April 05, 2010

Sticking With You

Continuing the theme of the weekend...

Saturday was perhaps most notable for our avoidance of a cheese and wine party, a location where LBF would normally be found waxing lyrical about the virtue of cheese and its superiority over all other foodstuffs.

This casual truanting did afford us the opportunity to meet GermanyJones in the pub. Germany is another of LBF's amigos, and is a lively lassie, with more artistic drive and imagination in her little finger than I possess in my entire flabby frame.

Our conversation ranged from comparing Ross Kemp to PacMan (a dead ringer, apparently) to the grand plan to track down and interview 12 men from around the world who think they are the risen Jesus.

I can't reveal more details, as it's still a work in progress, but you heard it here first. A GermanyJones production

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