Saturday, May 09, 2009

La Belle Fille

La Belle Fille follows me occasionally on the interweb; she is always keen to know what "her character" has been up to.

Here's something of a rundown.

Last week, she, and her partner in crime, Jim were gigging near their home town. LBF has a voice that makes other voices weep into their pints with envy, and she and Jim harmonise well. Now, it should be known that my taste runs to the eclectic, at best, and i have no musical talent at all; so all of my comments should be taken within that context.

They should not, in case any Antipodeans are reading, be considered as attempts at "coaching".

Their harmony sounds very natural; it sounds so natural that I imagine it is either genuinely natural, or the product of much hard work.

Anyway, they hugely kicked ass, and LBF actually silenced the pub with some a capella Kate Rusby. I managed not to disgrace myself too much, tho I did drink a bit too much and shout something about Austrians.

In other LBF news, she is considering doing a Burlesque dancing course.

Make of that what you will.

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