Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If You Should Chance To Meet Me...

Sorry, I've been away too long; I see some of you still checking in regular, like, and I have a feeling others get updates thru' the mastery of the Interweb wot I don't really understand.

I am always curious to see how people get here, and somewhat disappointed that it's mainly from other blogs, or by direct url. AlrightTit has an host of humourous keywords leading people to land on her blog. If you aren't among them, you should be.

Go, now, and seek her out from my sidebar.

But be sure and come back.

So far, some poor bugger has landed up here after searching for "Tom Jerry hose burst / swell"; I'm fairly sure this slightly bitter rant is not what he was hoping for, as there can't be said to be a great deal of similarity between these words and the light-hearted comedy of the infamous cat/mouse double act.

Still; with the aim of providing a little light entertainment, I'd like you to participate in a thought experiment.

Clear your mind, and imagine the following:

Suppose a patient came to the ED. He has, let's say, for arguments sake, been apprehended in the act of reckless driving. He might even have been drunk; he might have stolen the car; he might have crashed into another vehicle and tried to escape on foot.

Having failed, and injured himself in the process, let's say he behaved in a generally unpleasant way to all the Health Care Professionals concerned in trying to effect his treatment. Threatening the Ambos, swearing, generally acting the arse. That sort of thing.

Now imagine he gets a clean bill of health, and is carted off by her Majesty's Constabulary... until the next day, when he has a seizure. Plod calls the Ambos' who, let's say, do their best to reassure all and sundry. The (imaginary) patient, it transpires, is epileptic, and been off his meds a while. He's not post ictal at all. But suppose his solicitor is keen for this fella to be seen at Hospital again. And imagine its the same crew he so roundly abused. They might not be pleased to see him.

They might also not be so pleased if his solicitor were to ask them to convey the patient's muffins to hospital;

---------'As you're going anyway chaps, I wonder if you'd bring his muffins. He does so love his muffins. Yes, I'm terribly worried about a potential head injury, but don't forget the muffins.'

Imagine the patient is no more pleasant than he was the day before.

What do you think might happen to his muffins?


Alice said...

Do you mean actual cupcake-type muffins, or is it a euphemism?

anji said...

I would have given him some phlegm muffins... but, i'm not a nice person so.....