Monday, February 09, 2009

Argument s Against...

I saw a comment fly past in the ether recently, suggesting that the commenter knew MMR was responsible for autism, and until the Government /medical profession produced an alternative explanation for every single case, they would continue to do so.

It is very difficult to explain something poorly understood. Scientific method does not always work that way, and it is closed minded to imagine that it does.

For example:

I have a theory that homeopathic medicines are in fact poisoning us, and causing stupidity, and possibly gullibility too. Oh, and IBS. (Irritable, not inflammatory).

My reasoning is thus: people who take homeopathic remedies, and believe they work appear stupid and gullible to me. There also seems to be an increased frequency of IBS among these people.

I also think it is affecting the general populace, because surely some of the active ingredient in many homeopathic remedies (which I believe is a water molecule with the memory of some other molecule, depending on the remedy) is re-entering the water supply, after being pissed out. Actually, as it becomes more dilute, it's potency increases, so some of what comes out of my tap must be fairly potent.

Anyway, I've known friends who became stupid and gullible within days of starting homeopathy. I plan to do biopsies of these folks intestines, and am confident they will show concentrations of water molecules at the biopsy sites. Failing that, I will emulate my hero, Andrew Wakefield, and fudge some results.

The homeopaths will of course deny this; that is because they have a financial incentive in pushing their sugar pills and diluted water. Maybe they have evidence to support my claim, but have hushed it up. Either way, I will not give up my belief until they offer a convincing alternative explanation for every case of IBS...

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CatsPuke said...

Is the fact that Wakefield fabricated his answers and bribed kids at parties with fivers to give him blood not enough proof? Grrr I don't really want to get started on bloody Wakefield!