Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Autologous Autosplenectomy

**Rant follows**

Hospital, and thus department, busy as f...eather boas.

Spent more hours than is seemly trying to organise admission of one consultant's patient under the care of another; consultant 2 didn't wanna do it, and consultant 1 thought this was very unfair, but, curiously, neither would talk to the other, preferring to use me as a go-between.

Ultimately, grown men should be above saying "I won't be calling him, but if he wants to call me, I'd be happy to talk to him"...

I left a patient behind today, handed them over, after failing to get anyone to take them seriously; well, it wasn't so much that they wouldn't take him seriously, it was more that the general opinion was "Sure, he's sick, but it's because of (body system looked after by rival speciality)"

Details to follow, but I'm convinced intra-abdominal mischief was to blame, and failed to convince either the KnifeMen, or the Moths. If I'm right, I'm sure they'll try to lay it at my door; for what it's worth, I still think he'd perfed a diverticulum, but God forbid anyone should take my opinion seriously.

Le Shroom: c'est grumpy.

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