Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Odds And Sods


Struggle on, trying to finish some work related research, revise, generally live my life. It goes slowly; I think I'd be good as a sloth. Although not sure I'd pass the entrance exam.

La Belle Fille continues to understand, which is good of her; spent the weekend hanging out, which is good for the soul; I also had the pleasure of seeing possibly the world's biggest round of cheese at the local French market. God love the French.

A brief flag for NotDrRant. This blog has a very different spin on the NHS; a patient's view, and not a complimentary one. I'm in favour of free speech, so you should feel free to check them out, tho' I don't hold with their take on the causes of the faults ( to whit, it's all the doctor's fault. ) That having sad, the author doesn't seem to have been served very well by the NHS.

It raises at least one interesting point. (For a certain value of the word 'interesting') While patients can, almost without fear of censure or repercussion, write what they want about the medical profession, or indeed specific members therof, the medical profession has little, or no, right of reply. So, there is little to stop Mr Smith naming me as, for example, "a cunt", for all the world to read. But if I name Mr Smith as, for example, a wife-beating kiddie-fiddler... the Law has me by the balls.

On balance, I'm in favour of confidentiality. Publishing lists of naughty people all too often results in hysteria, and Paediatricians having their houses shit-bombed; but shouldn't there be some sort of quid pro quo? As a medical professional, I must be completely transparent; I accept this. I must also be inscrutable; I accept this, too.

But should there be some sort of checks and balances to stop my being compared to reproductive anatomy?


No One said...

thanks for the note

i do not think "it's all the doctor's fault" far from it

but there are some rubbish doctors and they are not systematically taken out of the system, and the patients have no ability in the nhs to vote with their feet to bring about their downfall

also the dr rant solution to the nhs problems of "give us more money and put the doctors in charge" will not work in my view!

its largely the system, the way the incentives work (or dont work), and the lack of real power in patients hands

as for the swear words this is largely in reference to the dr rant blog, of which i gently take the mickey, dr rant started using rather strong swear language, and my blog reflects that style played back to them

i have not named any medics, as well i could, my frustrations are largely with the system

i do feel coventry PCT should be shut down as a complete failure, i do feel the hospitals in sunderland should be flattened to the ground due their exceptional bad work and the patients given money to go anywhere else they want (if you give the patients real money they will be able to find better choices)

so throwing the word cunt around you should lay firmly at the door of the drs rant, and to be honest in a peter cook dudley moore kind of way it does add a little fun to a conversation, check out some pete and dudley swear ridden dialogs to see how effective it can be at breaking down barriers

and its a little to do with the anti working class prejudice riding through our society at the moment, so much politically correct nonsense if you mention a persons race and yet its common practise to talk down to folk with strong regional or working class accents, in the working class clubs of the land cunt can be a form of friendship ud be surprised

on balance i prefer free speach, which there isnt in the uk due to liable laws etc, id rather we could all just say what we want

i like ur blog, but never seen any medics blogs that reflect the dire state of the nhs from the patients point of view, and there are limited ways of fighting back given the mass of resources the nhs throws at its complaints teams, legal team, and PR folk

keep up the good blog


Alice said...

Reproductive anatomy isn't all bad...