Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prier Pour Le Pitie Du Morse Et De Singe

Can't do accents.

A quiet week after the weekend. We practice resuscitative thoracotomies on sheep; a trauma surgeon takes a dislike to me because I'm using a PDA to take notes on her lecture. I think she thinks I'm ignoring her in favour of internet porn, or some such. She also tells us that JFK, Sr died at scene. I want to take issue with this, but am already in her bad books, so let it slide.

Thursday/Friday are quiet; our trial period goes on, so more docs, more nurses, more space. Brilliant. Also, new Bosses. I'm already liking one, who seems both progressive, and dynamic and not so tied up in protocols that he will discourage lateral thinking. Haven't worked with the other yet, but I'm sure she will prove as good to work with.

Friday night... the ED May Ball - Masquerade Style. There is a minor frisson of excitement among the Nurses, as they seem keen to see what happens to me when I'm drunk (much the same, jus' a bit louder...), and a few are curious to meet my new Beau. I think they wonder what sort of woman would put up with me. Sometimes, so do I.

Not any docs attend; I think this is a shame, but the shift system makes it difficult. One of my SHOs wins best mask (which frankly I feel I deserve...), for a creation assembled from bits of resus equipment; another arrives so completely transformed, I don't recognise her. Amazing how different some people look out of scrubs, hair down, glasses off and poured into a little black dress and 3 inch heels...

Anyway, it goes off well; I drink probably a bit too much, but celebrate life in general with Le Morse, and dance badly. I think my new squeeze has a good time. I'm never quite sure - girls interact with each other in ways that I don't quite get sometimes, but we get on very well, which is the main thing - the thing and the whole of the thing. Further details are restricted under the current embargo. But I have good feelings about la fille... If I can find a suitable photo of the mask she bought me, I'll post.

A good way to finish the week, to exorcise the dark spirit of work that sometimes encroaches.

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Chrysalis Angel said...

It sounds like that was a good time. I'm glad you were enjoying yourself with your date. Just checking in to see how you are. :)