Monday, February 18, 2008

Whiter Shade Of Pale


STOP whatever you are doing. (Actually, since that'll be reading this, wait till you've finished the paragraph). Immediately find yourself a copy of King Curtis Live at Fillmore West. Press play. Your life is now immeasurably better. Trust me. Go on. Do it. Now. Then come back. I'll be waiting.

See: Told you so...

Not much to report. What follows is mostly non-medical jib, so feel free to sign out and tune in for my next installment of medical derring-do.

Nights were unbusy, which is unusual. Managers are prowling around, trying to avoid any breach, at any cost, in the final push for Foundation status (ein, zwei, ein, zwei, build an empire...). We are becoming even more unpopular throughout the hospital. It's just as well that we don't care.

Well, to be honest, I do care. The ED has ever been the sick man of the Hospital. Fine. But now our reputation for slipshod work, hasty workups and premature referrals is becoming deserved. Which, frankly, sucks balls.

In other news, I'm back to being insomniac again. A long series of lates and then nights has left my brain refusing to fall asleep until six a.m. I wouldn't mind s much if I could do something productive with the time. But I feel exhausted, so end up spending hours trying to sleep. I'm on a random day shift today and tomorrow, before re-embarking my mission to work only late shifts this month. Something's gotta give.

Lastly, in case you were wondering, I have discovered the worst cup of coffee, in the Universe. My standards are pretty low anyway. My North American cousins sneer laconically at me when it comes to my appraisal of coffee. What seems like perfectly reasonable java to me, barely classes as dishwater to them.

So for me to dislike coffee is rare. While a student, I drank revision specials that sent me into SVT, but kept me awake for two weeks prior to my second year exams. When I was on the House, I'd cane cold coffee to perk up at night. Hell, I'd even mainline freeze-dried granules. Discerning, I am not. I jive on caffeine.

However, Burger King supplied me with the worst cup of coffee I have ever come across. Yes, Burger King. Now I say it out loud, I'm not sure why I was surprised by this. But seriously; it was shit.


Faith Walker said...

Shroom, I laughed so hard at this blog post. Not about your insomnia- about the coffee.

If you want me to listen to anything you suggest you'll have to send it to me first!

You should have come and sat in my psychology lecture- that wouldd've sent you to sleep!

The Shrink said...

Burger King's was bad, huh? Sadly, I've had far worse.

SeaSpray said...

No one in my family drinks coffee and so I only made tasters choice for myself. But then I decided to buy myself one of those bunn coffee makers that immediately releases the hot water for brewing and now that is all I will use at home. We're getting a Starbucks a couple of miles from here. :)

In January 07, I wrote a post called "What is in my mouth?" broken up into 3 parts that is all about something disgusting that unbeknownst to me was in the bottom of my cup that went into my mouth. Oh the horror I tell you! Seriously! it all really happened as i tell it and yes I am embarrassed but even grown men made faces when they heard my plight. :)

In the end one of those things I gave to God.