Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This Is Brilliant

Hat Tip to Kal, over at Trauma Queen for this post.

Watch it to the end. If you aren't laughing, you're dead inside...

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Patient Anonymous said...

Hi shroomy...sorry I haven't been around in a very long time. I hope you're doing okay (except for apparently being quite sleep deprived.)

No one on the original post commented about the breeding/sex hamster amidst all the spinning craziness (considering the title of the post?)

Is that what you are referring to? In the credits?

Well, if so I will. I will say it reminds me of when I was (hypo)manic! However, I wasn't into breeding.

If this is not what you are referring to, I am an arse. But my comments still stands about my (hypo)mania.