Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Black Dog Returns

I once again find myself wrestling with the Black Dog; posting may be affected


Anonymous said...

Stop listening to the depressing soundtrack

You're wallowing ...

Advice from the peanut gallery in BC.

DrShroom said...

All advice always welcome, ESPECIALLY from the BC peanut gallery;

but maybe I like wallowing?

Nancy said...

If I recall correctly from previous posts, you work nighs in an ER.

If your demographics are anything like ours you're overworked (too many Patients),stressed (some really sick patients) and frustrated (too much paperwork on all those damn patients).

Best name the Dog and take it for a romp @ the local dog park.

Seriously, if I had a remedy for what ails you, I'd share it with all of us denizens of the ER on graveyards....I think we gravitate to nights for a reason.

In BC I can blame rainy winters for my SAD. Can't remember the last time it ways sunny on my days off (unless I was sleeping).

DrBoo said...

Don't be sad, DrShroom. I miss your stories. And if you don't tell me your stories then I will be sad, also.

Ankit said...

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Erkl Holder said...

Just stopped by. Sorry to know of your struggle. I myself sometimes slide toward the greasy rim of the black abyss, partially as a mental / chemical inheritance and partly becuase in general life really does kinda suck.
I've been on several antidepressants, currently pristiq - don't know if any of them work, as I can only guess that I might feel worse without them, Hoon knows.
Anyway - hang in there, if nothing else it will spite all the bastards out there.
oh - and I don't know if sad music makes a diff or not, but I can range from the manic stuff to the downside of Dark Sanctuary and enjoy it all. Sanctuary really would be pretty depressing but they sing in French so I have no clue what most of the songs are about, just that the soprano has an incredible voice!
Best wishes and good luck.

PS - I hope that your screen name does not iondicate taht you are really a user of psilo - that really WILL push you into a dark place. Besides, think of where it comes from.

Erkl Holder said...

PS to the PS - My English is not the best and there are typos, but you can interpret. English is not my first language.

American is.