Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Sorry, but I'm getting s boring amount of Oriental spam.

So, as far as I can see, it's either no more Anon comments, or Word Verfication. I'm trying the latter. Suggestions, comments (English language only) welcome.

Slainte dear reader, as ever.


Alice said...

I haven't had any (touch wood) since I started using word verification. I've set it to only ask for verification on posts older than, I think, 2 weeks, as it seemed only to be the older posts that got spammed. That means most genuine commenters (who tend to comment soon after I've posted) hopefully don't even see the word verification.

At least I find I can read the word I have to verify on Blogger - some sites make it impossible even for genuine human beings to read the bloody word.

Mine is "iolyman" this time - I got "colon" once, which would be good for a medical blog. Or one about arses.

Alice said...


Alice said...


Alice said...


Alice said...

tranula (is that a medical term? if not, it should be.)