Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To Sell Out?

I've just noticed I can 'monetise' my blog... I'm fairly sure that's not a real word, but should I do it? Should we do it? I like the idea of money for (basically) nothing, but since this doesn't cost me anything, do I subject my (few) readers to yet more adverts..?

Would I be selling my soul?

Answers on a postcard please... (or in the comments section....)


Abhishek said...

Monetizing your blog is not about selling yourself, but to give your readers the oppurtunity to find some interesting sites and enhancing their experience as well as making some money (though not a lot).

Would you call NYtimes, timesonline, telegraph - as selling their soul when they show adverts?

It is your viewers choice to click on them. It is not compulsory!

I am trying it at the moment and let me tell you it doesn't pay very well. I might remove the ads or might edit the layout of my blogspot blog to get a better CTR.

Only time will tell after I analyze the bits of information using webmaster tools & analytics.

Let us know how you get along with blog monetizing.

No One said...

u wont make much

but let me know how much if you give it a whirl

suggest you will get more money selling a few old books on amazon

anji said...

hey, if it can make you a buck or two (or maybe enough of a six-pense to buy a candy...)

Alice said...

But the NY Times, the Telegraph etc DO sell their souls!

I have this on my blog http://www.adfreeblog.org/
and invite you to join me.

Constantly being advertised at is bad for our mental health.