Wednesday, March 04, 2009

New York Mining Disaster

Navel gazing. Contemplation of self.

I now have 2 new followers. Welcome to the fold. Props also to madsagirl who has read through all my back issues. I call that dedication; even I haven't read 'em all through.

Anyway... my last wasn't a cry for followers; it's good for the ego, sure, but I'm just as happy if you wanna be an occasional reader. I know fr a fact several of my more citrically inclined readers do so at a distance. So; however is fine with me.

I might even try to post more frequently. All I have to do now is do some interesting stuff.

Currently, in case you were wondering, I'm watching ER Season 13.

Rock, and indeed, roll.


RD said...

How can you watch ER and work in a Emergency Department? If find cop shows unwatchable now that I am an officer.

anji said...

Well, I always wanted to be a member of a cult... and, a leader with the name Shroom, I couldn't resist.

Resistance, is SO futile...

SeaSpray said...

I LOVE ER! It is a shame it's going off because it got really good again this year.

I think it went through a few years where it was mediocre.

I wonder if they have different writers this year because it just seems that much better to me.

When the show first came of our ED docs printed out a big banner that said " watch it, we live it." And they hung it up in the hall right outside the ER.

I am surprised they were allowed to do that. Probably couldn't now.

I guess she was an E.R. groupie with the show. :)

I have 3 on my Tivo to catch up with. :)