Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Obvious Child

Frankly, I feel bloody awful.

It's my own fault.

Back at work, which generally cheered me up. This is sad; but still. However, with work comes my bad posture backache. Resus was frantic.

To relieve my backache - 2 co-codamol (probably tylenol to my N American cousins)

The co-codamol gives me a headache - oh! the irony

To relieve my headache - 2 aspirin

The aspirin gives me dyspepsia and nausea. My headache ignores the aspirin, and joins forces with my backache, which is enjoying a renaissance as the co-codamol wears off.

I am special.

Easter weekend served to remind me how few of us singletons there are left. Me and an old friend hooked up for a few beers; we could not find anyone else. All coupled up, all doing couply things. Jimbo and I descended on the Barfly in Camden. He sold me on a band called Ruby (or Ruby's, or Rubies, or something) They sounded melodic, anyway.

Instead we were entertained by the shouty warblings of an Italian emo-punk outfit. The band weren't too bad, but the singer was just a wee bit much for me. They also went to the trouble of having a violinist alongside the Guitars, Bass and Drums. Unsurprisingly, couldn't hear him much.

The singer spat in his face, tho', which was nice. He also spent much time clawing theatrically at his chest. Not quite carving pain into your arm with a broken bottle, but they're still finding their way, I guess. Brought their own fans / groupies, too, which was very considerate.

Next were Proxy. Different, and yet still rubbish. Sorry lads.

Anyway, it was good to quaff Guinness and shoot the shit. Felt slightly old, mind...

Never saw any variety of precious stone


Alice said...

I'm single. Marry me?

Vanda said...

You can't buy anything with codiene in it over the counter int he USA,not sure about Canada. So what you were taking would be tylenol and codeine.

Alex Stoker said...

Alice: **blush** fluster

Vanda: thanks; I can never remember the US brands; especially not now when I've just received a marriage proposal...

The Little Medic said...

You can't buy codiene over the counter in the USA? Yowsers, oh well, at least you can buy a gun if that headache gets a bit too much.

Nurse Sandra May said...

Co-Codamol is my friend, but even the OTC stuff makes me unbelievably sleepy...mistakes galore.

I'd marry you Shroom but i think you know me too well, and you have cold water.

Sorry not to comment- i'm without internet on the whole.

Alex Stoker said...

**blush furiously**

fluster, adjust papers on virtual desk...