Friday, October 26, 2007


Normal service resumed

Unknown male, early middle-ish age, non Caucasian ethnicity, found down at the ferry port. Agitated, apparent right sided deficit.

Examination reveled a well looking male, agitated, but not combatative, clammy, but warm at the edges. Normal pulse, BP sky high, heart sounds normal, chest clear, abdo unremarkable.
Leftward deviating gaze, left pupil blown - only transiently, as it turned out. No other gross neurology.

There's a list of differentials as long as your arm for this guy; but he smelled like a brain bleed to me.

It took a while to convince my gas passing colleagues, while we ticked off some of the more obvious and easily treatable ones. With no improvement, he won a long dark walk to the scanner, and we irradiated his brain.

I found out later he's 41. There's no joy in being right, either...

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