Sunday, October 29, 2006

Things that made me smile

No. 1 in an occasional series
--- Many years ago, when Shroom was just a little fungus, he was asked to come review a patient. He had learned that when some nurses asked you to come, you came a'running; so he came apace. "I'm worried about this guy. He's blue"
Blue should also be on the list of colours you're not.

Rounding the corner I was confronted with the patient. Sure enough, he was blue. But he looked well with it. He was not 'so cold I'm blue' blue, or 'so breathless I'm blue' blue. Just blue.

This puzzled me. It was a dreadful night, and the guy was sleeping rough, but he looked so well. To hide my confusion, my eyes scanned the cubicle, finally lighting upon the sad bundle of stuff the patient had abandoned on the floor. It was sopping wet, sitting in a little puddle. A little blue puddle. Picking it up revealed it to be a thick, wet, blue blanket.
"Are you sleeping under this?" Nod, shiver...
Gently, I rubbed his skin; the towel came away blue, the skin beneath gloriously pink. 'Cured, Sister' winks the Shroom; 'needs a new blanket...'

Guilty Pleasures, no. 1
--- I'm secretly delighted every time a Paramedic or Policeman calls me "Doc"

I seem to have a little hope in my heart this morning; I hope this doesn't signal the onset of mania

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